Meet Our Coaches

        Jatin Patel

  • Cricket Hall of Famer with Lifetime Achievement Award (Only Indian & 8th since 1981)
  • Multi Sports Professional Coach (Cricket, Soccer & Baseball), Mentor
  • Professional Sports Performance Analyst, with Advanced Sport Performance Diploma.
  • USA Cricket Development Committee appointee (August 2019)
  • USA Cricket – former national selector.
  • Cricket Hall of Fame and The Cricket Show – (Board of Director)
  • USA Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
  • American Cricket Federation (ACF) Volunteer Award
  • The Global Grassroots Sports Hall of Legends (The Big G Sports, Australia)
  • American Cricket Education Council (ACEC-CricEdu) – Visionary, Founder and Chairman
  • “Who Is Who in Cricket.” (CricWho)- Visionary, Founder and Chairman
  • CricShow, CricketCurry & CricketKhichdi – Visionary & founder
  • Paramveers sports co-chair, Advisor & Consultant.
  • West Indies Cricket Development Academy – Global Development Consulatant
  • USA Cricket Academy – Board of Trustee
  • Sports Authority of India’s Honorary Award for Development of Cricket – SAI-GDCA
  • Pride of Gujarat Honor


Vivasan is an Automation engineer by trade, His first love is cricket. He has represented Chennai District in U 19 level. And have played Div 4 TNCA League in Tamil nadu India 1996 - 2000. When he is not working as an Automation Engineer, he will be on cricket field either as a team member or as coach for kids.

Shilvant Raol

I am Shilvant Raol, a sportsman and IT Security consultant by profession, residing in Schaumburg, IL. Throughout the year, I play Cricket, Volleyball, and Racquet ball. I've also been participating in Cricket tournaments in the Greater Chicago area in three different teams for the last 12 years. With my experience, I've learned that playing cricket offers a wealth of benefits, both on and off the field. One of the primary advantages is the development of teamwork skills. Cricket is a team sport that demands coordination and communication among players. Additionally, players must make split-second decisions, adapt to varying game situations, and handle pressure effectively. These mental challenges enhance concentration and mental resilience. To me, coaching will provide the opportunity to inspire and guide youngsters. I look forward to fostering an enriching and supportive environment for all youngsters under my guidance.

Rajiv Munshi

All rounder. I represented Gujarat coach Behar Trophy. Gujarat in All india Inter university tournaments. Gujarat in c. K. Nayadu tournaments. Visited England with Gujarat team to play league cricket.